Didzis Elferts

Didzis Elferts

Data scientist, senior researcher

LSFRI "Silava"


Didzis Elferts is a data scientist, senior researcher at the LSFRI “Silava”. Scientific activities relate to statistical analysis and visualization of data in different projects and publications, in cooperation with scientists in different areas.

A doctor degree in biology is obtained about the study on the effects of climate on radial growth of pines (dendrochronology, dendroclimatology).


  • Statistics (Biometry)
  • Dendrochronology and Dendroclimatology


  • Doctor degree in biology, 2008

    University of Latvia

  • Master of Natural Sciences in Biology, 2003

    University of Latvia

  • Bachelaur of Natural Sciences in Biology, 2002

    University of Latvia



Senior researcher

LVMI “Silava”

Oct 2023 – Present

Data scientist

LVMI “Silava”

Sep 2023 – Present

Head of Academic Policy Division

University of Latvia, Academic department

Apr 2023 – Jun 2023


University of Latvia, Academic Department

Jan 2022 – Mar 2023


University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology

Feb 2021 – Jun 2023

Data scientist

LVMI “Silava”

Feb 2021 – Jun 2022


University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology

Jul 2018 – Dec 2021


LVMI “Silava”

Aug 2017 – Jan 2021

Associate professor

University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology

Jan 2015 – Jan 2021

Head of department

University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology, Department of Botany and Ecology

Jul 2014 – Dec 2021

Senior researcher

University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology

Jan 2011 – Jun 2023

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